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  • Legendary 550 Spyder
    Legendary 550 Spyder | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Classic 356 Speedster
    Classic 356 Speedster | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Historic 718 RSK
    Historic 718 RSK | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Parts and Components
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We’re composites people who are passionate about classic cars and racing!

1955 Spyder
Rock West Racing produces 50’s and 60’s classic component car models, including  Spyders, Speedsters, and RSKs, along with complementary parts.  Rock West Racing brings expertise in engineering and composites manufacturing, along with business discipline, to the replica component car business.

Why Rock West Racing?

  • Performance – Composites professionals with experience producing products for demanding requirements, including racing applications
  • Quality – Aerospace quality standards – currently pursuing AS9100 certification
  • Cost  - Reasonable prices for excellent value
  • Delivery – Reliable service with a corporate history of >97% on-time delivery

Call Chris Kingery, General Manager, at 619-444-1006 for assistance, or email us

Composites, Classic Racing Cars, Kits, Replicas, and Components