Rock West Racing builds classic replica cars for the 356 Speedster, the 550 Spyder, and the 718 RSK, along with complementary automotive components.

  • Legendary 550 Spyder
    Legendary 550 Spyder | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Classic 356 Speedster
    Classic 356 Speedster | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Historic 718 RSK
    Historic 718 RSK | Click image to view in Showroom
  • Parts and Components
    Parts and Components | Click image to view in Showroom

We provide quality component car packages staged for different levels of completion to meet your budget, skill level, and time commitments. Our team is excited about what they do and have the experience to provide build support throughout this fun project.

We have three packages offered for each model and complementary parts:

  • Builders – includes a fabricated tubular steel frame,  integrated into our hand crafted composite body.
  • Deluxe – includes the Builders package plus, doors, hood, and engine cover installed and aligned, windshield, wiring harness, gauges, seats, carpet, lights, trim, hardware, and primed body.
  • Rollers – includes the Deluxe package plus, paint, installed interior, installed lights, suspension, brakes, shifter, gas tank, installed gauges, wheels and tires.
  • Parts – inventory of components and parts to complete your car as well as repair and service.

Contact us for more information at 619-444-1006 or email us.

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