Welcome to Rock West Racing

We’re composites people who are passionate about classic cars and racing!

RW Speedster
RW Speedster Electric
RW Spyder
RW Spyder RS

Rock West Racing produces 50’s and 60’s classic component car models, including Spyders, Speedsters, and RSKs, along with complementary parts. Rock West Racing brings expertise in engineering and composites manufacturing, along with business discipline, to the replica component car business.

Let us help you get started on your next kit car project. You can achieve the dream of driving a classically inspired race car, affordably!

Why Rock West Racing?

  • Performance – Composites professionals with experience producing products for demanding requirements, including racing applications
  • Quality – Aerospace quality standards – currently pursuing AS9100 certification
  • Cost – Reasonable prices for excellent value
  • Delivery – Reliable service with a corporate history of >97% on-time delivery

Composites, Classic Racing Cars, Kits, and Components

We are not providing products and services at present. Rock West Racing is reorganizing its business as part of the larger Rock West enterprise. We are shifting our focus to meet growing market demand in other industries.

Please check our website in 2019, as we will have announcements about our new product offerings after we finish this process. Thanks for your interest in Rock West Racing!