About Us

Rock West Racing builds classically-inspired, quality, affordable component cars, providing the high-performance products that classic car lovers demand with the reliability of an established manufacturer.

Rock West Racing is a division of Rock West Composites, a producer of high-quality, carbon fiber composites for Aerospace, Industrial, Energy and Racing customers. The racing business is a natural extension of their product offerings.

Rock West Racing is headquartered in San Diego with manufacturing facilities in both San Diego, CA, and West Jordan, UT.

Our team has extensive experience in the composites, engineering, manufacturing, business, and even the arts.  Everyone brings their best talents to this exciting venture. An essential part of our aerospace heritage is our pride of workmanship building hardware with demanding standards for Performance, Quality, Cost, and Delivery.

For more information please contact Victor Montoya at 619-444-1006, or email us.

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