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“The Cuban Calico” Project

We were happy to provide this RW Spyder body to our customer and exotic car enthusiast Garr Larson.  He’s working on an exciting new project, creating a replica of “The Cuban Calico,” and he filled us in on this fascinating piece of racing history.

This is a “car that was ‘thrown away’ at the Havana Airport in 1958 before entering the 1958 Cuban Grad Prix. It was crushed by a Maserati while being transported in a plane from Argentina by a french driver. The driver gave it to a young airplane mechanic for $5 after taking any parts he needed for his other cars. Since new parts were impossible to find in Cuba after 1958 (that whole revolution thing) he built this 550 using parts he scavenged around the city – seats from a 1936 BMW, Speedometer and Tach from International Harvester S100, rear view mirror from a 1954 MGA, (the list goes on and on)…

Garr has collected all these parts to remake a part of lost classic car history. He may be on his way to making more such vehicles down the road, and we’ll keep you up to date on these fun adventures. We look forward to being a part of that journey and your journey too!

The Cuban Calico in work

Speedster Body Repair Work

Yes, we can do this too! Here is an example of some recent body work with which we helped a customer.

The Damage

Our customer’s fiberglass bodied car was broken from a collision.  The front nose section of the body fractured and split from impact with a trailer hitch. The impact also fractured part of the jamb section of the trunk opening.  There were paint damage and blemishes at the rear of the car. Insurance covered the damage, but it was very difficult to find a repair facility to perform both fiberglass body repair and repainting.  The customer found Rock West Racing.

Body damage to Speedster
Body damage to Client’s Speedster

Repair Options

The quote for repair satisfied the insurance carrier, but the level of paint repair (spot paint blending) did not meet our customer’s desires.  A requote was submitted to include a complete exterior body repaint. The requote was higher than the budget allowed with insurance coverage, so a rethink was in order.  The revised plan was for the client to remove all trim and components necessary for repair, and then reassemble the car after repair and paint was completed.  This solution met the requirements.    Continue reading Speedster Body Repair Work

Another Kit Out the Door…

Take a look at this gorgeous Speedster!  Destined for a father and daughter assembly team, this beauty is bound to turn heads once it’s cruising down the road.

Speedster Kit - Blue & Tan being prepped for shipment
Speedster Kit being prepped for shipment
Speedster Kit - detail of tan upholstered seats
Speedster Kit – detail of tan upholstered seats
Speedster Kit - detail shot of blue exterior
Speedster Kit – detail shot of blue exterior

Composites, Classic Racing Cars, Kits, and Components

We are not providing products and services at present. Rock West Racing is reorganizing its business as part of the larger Rock West enterprise. We are shifting our focus to meet growing market demand in other industries.

Please check our website in 2019, as we will have announcements about our new product offerings after we finish this process. Thanks for your interest in Rock West Racing!