Speedster Body Repair Work

Yes, we can do this too! Here is an example of some recent body work with which we helped a customer.

The Damage

Our customer’s fiberglass bodied car was broken from a collision.  The front nose section of the body fractured and split from impact with a trailer hitch. The impact also fractured part of the jamb section of the trunk opening.  There were paint damage and blemishes at the rear of the car. Insurance covered the damage, but it was very difficult to find a repair facility to perform both fiberglass body repair and repainting.  The customer found Rock West Racing.

Body damage to Speedster
Body damage to Client’s Speedster

Repair Options

The quote for repair satisfied the insurance carrier, but the level of paint repair (spot paint blending) did not meet our customer’s desires.  A requote was submitted to include a complete exterior body repaint. The requote was higher than the budget allowed with insurance coverage, so a rethink was in order.  The revised plan was for the client to remove all trim and components necessary for repair, and then reassemble the car after repair and paint was completed.  This solution met the requirements.   

Work Done

The car was received at RWR without lights, grills, scripts, license plates, bumpers, side trim, etc. The windshield and dash upholstery remained on the car.   The car cockpit and trunk were sealed from dust and debris.

Fiberglass Repair Work to Speedster Body
Fiberglass Repair Work to Speedster Body

The fracture of the fiberglass body was ground to relieve stress, and the laminate thickness was tapered on both interior and exterior surfaces to a knife edge along the length of the fracture line. Body sections at the fracture were aligned.  The fracture was repaired with new fiberglass laminations on the interior and exterior surfaces of the body shell.  The fiberglass repair section was ground and sanded on both surfaces to match body thickness and contour.

The exterior surface received pin-hole filler and primer in preparation for repaint. The interior repaired section was sanded smooth and blacked-out with undercoat paint.  The fracture at the trunk hood jamb was repaired in the same fashion as the primary nose damage.

The original silver paint of the car was color-matched using the rear deck lid as the sample.  The doors and rear deck lid were removed, back masked and prepped for paint. The carpet at the door jamb was pulled back, and the door jambs flap masked.  The engine compartment, undercarriage, and trunk compartment were sealed and masked. The hood back was masked and flapped.

All surfaces to be painted were wet sanded in preparation.  The repaired body sections received a coat of surface sealer.  The entire car exterior surface, including bumpers, were painted with a new coat of color followed by a clear coat.  All painted surfaces were wet sanded after cure and polished. The car was stripped of masking and cleaned. The doors and rear deck lid were re-installed. And the bumpers were wrapped separately for shipping.

Full Body Repaint of Client Speedster
Full Body Repaint of Client Speedster


The client’s car was picked up by a roll-back transport truck. He later drove his car back to RWR completely reassembled for our review and ready for the upcoming concours d’elegance! The car won an award at this show.  You can read our customer’s review of the process here on SpeedsterOwners.com.

Body Repair Work - the Speedster is Off to the Customer
Body Repair Work – the Speedster is Off to the Customer

If you have body repair needs on your classic car, contact us!  We can help.