Replica Car Service

Having trouble finding a specialty technician or mechanic to work on your Spyder, Speedster, RSK or GTS?  Our staff can help you keep your classic dream car in top working condition. Below are some of the many services we offer.

Cosmetic Refurbishment

  • Repair or replacement of exterior trim, interior trim, upholstery, and carpeting
  • Detailing and polishing

Body Repair, Refinishing and Paint

  • Collision repair of fiberglass body
  • Fiberglass body component replacement
  • Carbon fiber composite replacement body parts
  • Full paint services

Mechanical Evaluation and Servicing

  • Drive train service including suspension, brakes, steering
  • Routine maintenance

Electrical Systems Evaluation and Servicing

  • Trouble shooting and diagnostics
  • Electrics and electronics service, repair and replacement – switch gear, gauges, lighting, ignition, etc.
  • Wire harness repair and replacement

Rock West Racing also has key specialists locally to help support our services if you have needs outside of our expertise.

Contact us for more information at 619-444-1006 or email us.

Customer Reviews

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“I left my Spyder in May 2014 with Rock West Racing (“RWR”) for several upgrades including a cable shifter, new brakes and shocks.  The vehicle had a linkage-based shifter that “hated” downshifts to second gear.  The RWR crew did an outstanding job of listening to my concerns and finding cost effective and practical solutions to what I wanted done. 

When I got it back, a new cable shifter was installed, and the Spyder rode and stopped SO much better from the new shocks and brakes.  The best part:  the cable shifter was perfect.  Gears are now found each and every time in all gears, even on those dreaded downshifts to second gear.

In terms of customer service, I am very happy.  RWR made sure I was satisfied with their work and followed-up.  About one year after their work was complete, Chris at RWR called me to make sure all was well with the car.  It was.  But that goes to show a high level of commitment to customer satisfaction.  I highly recommend RWR.”

Oliver S—San Diego, CA.



Composites, Classic Racing Cars, Kits, and Components

We are not providing products and services at present. Rock West Racing is reorganizing its business as part of the larger Rock West enterprise. We are shifting our focus to meet growing market demand in other industries.

Please check our website in 2019, as we will have announcements about our new product offerings after we finish this process. Thanks for your interest in Rock West Racing!