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Our highly authentic tribute car is true to the original body and mechanical design.

Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

The RW GTS is inspired by Porsche’s 904 Carrera GTS, an agile car designed for endurance sports car racing. With impressive finishes and wins on famous tracks such as LeMans, Nurburgring, and Reims, this worthy successor to the 718 RSK is a great ride.


Rock West Racing utilizes a modernized tubular chassis with independent suspension all around.  We predominately use Porsche components to keep our GTS as close to the original lineage of the 904 as possible.

Rock West Racing is now accepting orders for our Kit and Roller RW GTS.

Own, Build, and Drive this endurance race car – the RW GTS from Rock West Racing!

Porsche, 718, and 718 RSK are trademarks owned by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft. Porsche is not affiliated with Rock West Racing.

Deluxe Kit Specifications


  • Manufactured from fiberglass mat, fiberglass fabric, Coremat®, and polyester resin
  • Patterned on the Porsche 904 model and very true to form of the original car
  • Manufactured and assembled onto the chassis at the Rock West Racing facility
  • Made up of over 42 separate composite pieces
  • As part of the body chassis integration, all doors, hoods, covers and movable body sections will be hinged, latched or fastened
  • Configuration choice is either the 904/4 style with small side scoops behind the doors or that of the later 904/6 with the large intake scoops. Client choice
  • Body work and paint is not included in the standard kit configuration


  • Design specific chassis patterned on those of the Porsche 906 and 910 race cars
  • Chassis wheel base: 90 inches
  • Manufactured from 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Welded tube truss structure that is significantly more rigid than the chassis design of the original 904
  • Incorporates a roll bar hoop that is imbedded into the aft roof section of the body
  • Other items included are mounts for a Porsche 944 steering rack, mounts for a Porsche 911 engine, and mounts for either a Porsche 901 or 915 transaxle


  • Fully independent design with unequal length A-arms in the front and A-arms and H-arms in the rear
  • Manufactured of 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Uses American-made FK Bearings brand heim joints (rod ends) to connect the spindle carriers and rear hub carriers to the suspension arms
  • Suspension arms are attached to the chasssis with Delrin® bushings and Grade 8 hardware.
  • Additional items include:
    • 944 front spindles with hubs
    • Rear micro stub-axles and bearing assemblies
    • Design specific rear hub-hats with brake disc and hardware

Deluxe Kit

Intended for those individuals who wish to build a car with their own components, expertise and innovation.
The GTS Kit is made up of items that are not readily available or easily fabricated by owner/constructors. This includes the fuel tank, the oil reservoir, steering column, engine mounting bar, headlight mounts and covers, windshield, door latches, etc. The complete list of kit components is presented below:

Body Components (assembled)

  • Main body section 1 ea
  • A-pillar/roof stiffener 1 ea
  • Door sills: Interior 2 ea
  • Rear firewall stiffening frame 1 ea
  • Headlight buckets 2 ea
  • Dash section 1 ea
  • Gauge binnacle surround 1 ea
  • Tail section skin 1 ea
  • Tail section FWD stiffener 1 ea
  • Trunk box 1 ea
  • Trunk door 1 ea
  • Air inlet closeout panel 1 ea
  • Rear inner wheel wells 2 ea
  • Firewall bulkhead/seat pan 1 ea
  • Doors inner structure 2 ea
  • Doors outer skin 2 ea
  • Hood outer skin 1 ea
  • Hood inner stiffener 1 ea
  • Front wheel wells 2 ea
  • Foot well top closeout 1 ea
  • Foot well access cover 1 ea
  • Foot well dorward closeout 1 ea
  • Fuel tank mounts 1 set
  • Fender nose interior stiffening ring (fwd) 2 ea
  • Fender nose interior closeout (fwd) 2 ea
  • Oil cooler upper duct 1 ea
  • Oil cooler lower duct 1 ea
  • Brake cooling ducts 2 ea
  • Driver seat 1 ea
  • Passenger seat 1 ea
  • Floorboards interior 1 set
  • Floorboard exterior 1 ea
  • Hinge set hood 1 set
  • Hinge set parallelogram 1 set
  • Hinge set door 2 sets
  • Twist locks: hood 2 ea
  • Twist locks: trunk door 2 ea
  • Chassis (assembled)
  • Chromoly steel tubing 1 ea
  • Mounts: engine 911 1 set
  • Mounts: transaxle 901 or 915 1 set
  • Mounts: steering rack 944 1 set

Suspension (boxed)

  • A-arm front upper 2 ea
  • A-arm front lower 2 ea
  • Spindle carrier 2 ea
  • Spindles (early 944 modified) 2 ea
  • A-arm rear upper 2 ea
  • H-arm rear lower 2 ea
  • Hub bearing carrier rear 2 ea
  • 930 micro stub kit 2 ea
  • Hub hat – disc carrier rear 2 ea
  • Lug bolts, hub hat attachment 12 ea
  • Studs: wheel rear 10 ea
  • Brake disc: rear 2 ea
  • Poly bushing set (32 pcs) 1 set
  • Rod end set (Heim joints) 10 pcs 1 set
  • Hardware 1 lot

Additional Kit Components (boxed)

  • Steering column 1 ea
  • Engine mounting bar w/bushings 1 ea
  • Fuel tank: custom aluminum 1 ea
  • Fuel cap: 80mm with Blade 1 ea
  • Oil tank: custom aluminum 1 ea
  • Windshield and gasket 1 ea
  • Wiper motor 1 ea
  • Wiper arms 1 ea
  • Headlight mounts 2 ea
  • Covers – headlights: Plexiglas 2 ea
  • Door windows: Plexiglas 2 sets
  • Window locks 2 ea
  • Rear window: Plexiglas and gasket 1 ea
  • Front turn indicator 2 ea
  • Rear tail lights 2 ea
  • Rear reflectors 2 ea
  • Door latches 2 ea
  • Door handles interior 2 ea
  • Tail section latch mechanism 1 set

    Options and Accessories

    Additional Items

    Other items that are not part of the GTS Kit may be sourced through Rock West Racing at any time. These items include:

    • Gauge sets
    • Wire harness
    • Switches
    • Wheels
    • Tires
    • Shift linkage
    • Auxiliary oil cooler system
    • Oil lines / hoses
    • Parking brake mechanism
    • Front brake discs
    • Brake calipers and pads
    • Brake lines
    • Pedal assembly
    • Master cylinders
    • Steering rack
    • Lug nuts
    • Battery and hold down
    • Upholstery
    • Seat belts
    • Mirrors
    • Steering wheel
    • Shocks and springs
    • Fuel lines, fuel pump, and filter



    It is possible at anytime during the contruction of the GTS Kit to upgrade to a “Roller” configuration.

    • A Roller is the GTS Kit finished with everything but the drive train (engine, exhaust system, transaxle, and axles). Additional pricing to move to the Roller configuration is approximately $31,000 depending on wheel and tire selection, steering wheel selection and other variables as detailed in the following pages.
    • Engine sourcing is available, as well as engine rebuild management
    • Transaxle sourcing is also available

      Roller Specifications


      • Chromoly tubular space frame. Predominantly 1.5” OD X .125 wall
      • Wheelbase: 90 inches
      • Incorporates A-arm suspension components with poly-bushing chassis links and rod end links to bearing and spindle carriers


      • Glass fiber / polyester resin composite
      • Paint: per client specification
      • Front hood with fuel filler center
      • Hood locks: period correct ¼ turn thumb twist
      • Aft section hinged (parallelogram) to lift up and back to access engine bay
      • Aft section center vent grill with small side scoops (904) or center vent filled (panel) with larger side vents (904/6)
      • Aft section includes trunk box and trunk door
      • Windscreen: design specific 904 type (DOT approved glass)
      • Cabin interior
        • Composite floor
        • Semi-exposed tubular chassis members
        • Seats: integrated as per the original car – passenger seat smaller than driver seat
        • Upholstery: blue velour (or client option)
        • Doors Windows: sliding type – Polycarbonate
        • Fire wall: composite
        • Steering wheel: Client option
        • Paint: light grey, textured


      The Rock West Racing GTS is a period accurate representation of the original race car. The GTS Roller is a completed chassis, body, and running gear. Everything is fitted and functioning. It is painted, upholstered, and equipped with lights, gauges, and controls. All that remains to be finished by a client is the addition of the power train, which includes the engine, exhaust system, transaxle, and axles. The components listed below describe the baseline configuration. Modification, upgrades and options are available.


      • Independent all around
      • Coil-springs over shock absorbers all around – Eibach/Fox


      • Front: Porsche 944 spindles and hubs
      • Rear: micro stub axle and bearing assembly in custom carrier with design specific hub/wheel adapter
      • Axles with CV joints: Porsche 930 type


      • Porsche 911 or 944 steering rack: unassisted
      • Modified Porsche tie rods
      • Design specific steering column

      Fuel Delivery

      • Fuel tank: design specific aluminum tank with baffles
      • Fuel cap: period correct 80mm Blau cap and fill neck
      • Fuel lines: stainless steel rigid lines and rubber flex lines with stainless steel braided outer sheath
      • Fuel pump: rotary type
      • Fuel filter


      • Front: Porsche 944 drilled discs and Wilwood calipers
      • Rear: design specific disc and Wilwood caliper
      • Parking Brake: mechanical
      • Plumbing: stainless steel rigid piping and stainless steel braid over PTFE core flex lines
      • Master cylinders: TBD
      • Proportioning valve: TBD
      • Remote reservoirs: TBD
      • Pedal assembly: TBD

      Engine Compatibility

      • Chassis designed to use a Porsche 2.7 liter 6 cylinder boxer engine.
      • Engine supplied by Client
      • Optional: coordination with engine builder

      Wheels and Tires

      • Wheel type: Fuch replicas standard
      • Wheel size: recommended maximum – 7” X 16” front and 8” X 16” rear
      • Maximum tire size: 205/50ZR16 front and 225/55ZR16 rear

      Other Components

      • Oil tank: 904 design specific, custom
      • Oil temperature regulator
      • Oil cooler (auxiliary-remote) ducted in chin as per 904
      • Oil lines: new, stainless steel


      • Wiring harness: design specific custom
      • Switch gear: period appropriate
      • Lighting: 904 accurate replica
      • Gauges: VDO units rebuilt and restored as per 904


      • Transaxle supplied by Client
      • Chassis accepts a Porsche type 901 as standard
      • Chassis modified for Porsche type 915 available as option
      • Shift linkage: rod or cable type depending on transaxle type
      • Mounts: new, heavy duty

      Product Data Sheet

      Please note that pricing has changed and is dependent up the options selected for your unique vehicle.

      RW GTS Data Sheet

      RWR GTS (0915) ICON

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