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RW Speedster

Our RW Speedster guarantees the highest quality components and workmanship, as well as superb performance and pure driving fun!

Porsche 356 Speedster

In September of 1954 Porsche introduced the 356 Speedster to the American marketplace. The light weight, bare to the bones example of the 356 line of automobiles soon became an American racer-boy icon, often winning SCCA races in stock trim.

RW Speedster

Over fifty years later, our production of the RW Speedster captures the original flair of this classic vehicle, while introducing innovation and state-of-the-art engineering to make this car uniquely our own. This is not your typical replica car.

  • Leveraging off of the many Speedsters that Thunder Ranch has built, Rock West is producing a ridge steel tube chassis integrated into hand laid fiberglass body.
  • This design and updated construction method provides a strong foundation for your build at reduced weight with maximum durability.
  • Component options range from German engineered to advanced aftermarket products.

Order your RW Speedster today as a Builder, Deluxe or Roller Kit.

Own, Build and Drive this new classic – the RW Speedster from Rock West Racing!

Porsche, 356, 356 Speedster and Porsche Speedster are trademarks owned by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft.  Porsche is not affiliated with Rock West Racing.


Standard Configuration

  • Lightweight fiberglass body integrated with a design specific tubular steel chassis
  • Designed to use VW Type 1 engine and transaxle and VW torsion arm beam front suspension
  • Rear suspension VW Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) included in chassis
  • Body size and contours very similar to the original Porsche 356 Speedster

Standard Specifications

  • Height to windscreen: 48” | 121cm
  • Length: 144” | 356cm
  • Width: 65” | 165cm
  • Wheel base: 84” | 213cm
  • Track – front & rear: 52” | 132cm
  • Dry weight: 1,535 lbs | 696kg
  • Steering: Left-hand std (right-hand optional)

Builder Kit

Intended for those individuals who wish to build a car with their own components, expertise and innovation.

Builder Kit includes:

  • Fiberglass body integrated to the steel chassis
  • Chassis includes:
    • Pedal assembly mount
    • Shift linkage mounts
    • Throttle cable tube
    • Clutch cable tube
    • Heater cable tubes
    • Heater input tubes
    • E-brake cable tubes
    • Shift lever mount
    • Clamp brackets for front suspension
    • Rear suspension IRS housing
  • Steering column (installed)
  • Doors, rear deck lid and hood are fitted, hinged, and latched. Release mechanisms and cables installed.
  • Body molding part-lines and flashings are removed.

Not included:

  • Hole drilling for switches, lights, gauges,etc.
  • Front suspension beam
  • Rear suspension torsion bars and trailing arms
  • Bumpers or seats

These features are available as upgrades, along with other component options.

Deluxe Kit

Intended for those who desire to build their car without having to source components themselves and who would also like to take advantage of some pre-fitting by the Rock West Racing factory.

Deluxe Kit includes:

  • Builder Kit
  • Body will be drilled for gauges, switches, lights, horn grills, trim, mirrors, windshield
  • Front beam suspension with ride height adjustment, re-conditioned, German
  • New spindles: standard drop, drum brake style
  • New steering box, steering shaft coupler and mounting hardware
  • New tie rods with ends, pitman arm, steering damper, and hardware
  • Rear suspension torsion bars, trailing arms, bearings, bushings, stub axles & hardware
  • Wire harness
  • Gauge set: era recreations made by VDO
  • Switches and switch knobs: black or ivory
  • Steering wheel: wood rimmed aluminum
  • Steering wheel adapter and horn button
  • Horn
  • Windshield assembly
  • Wiper assembly and motor
  • Aero mirrors (2) and center mirror
  • Interior and exterior door handles, hood handle
  • Engine grill and gasket (rear deck lid)
  • Head light assembly with clear lenses
  • Head lamp and bulb
  • Horn grills and gaskets
  • Front signal light assemblies
  • Rear tail light assemblies: Beehive type
  • License plate light/reverse light assembly (shinedown)
  • License plate mounting bracket
  • Pedal assembly: VW type
  • Control cables: throttle, clutch, heater, e-brakes
  • Heater control assembly
  • Shift lever assembly
  • Shift rod assembly
  • E-brake lever assembly
  • Custom aluminum fuel tank with 80mm fuel cap and sending unit
  • Seat belts (lap only)
  • Seats: upholstered in black, tan, or red vinyl
  • Dash upholstery and trim
  • Door panels and caps upholstered
  • Rear cockpit surround upholstered
  • Carpet set: square weave German wool with edge binding. Charcoal, red or tan (standard)

Not included in the standard Deluxe Kit price, but available as options:

  • Brake system
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheels and tires
  • Transaxle
  • Engine
  • Tonneau cover
  • Convertible Top
  • Body/paint work


Intended for those with time constraints, limited space, or limited technical resources for the building process. The Roller starts as the standard Deluxe Kit. The client then selects the options and/or modifications desired to configure their car. When this process is complete, Rock West Racing assembles and finishes the roller as specified. All that remains for the client to do is install their engine, fill the fluids, add a battery, and go.

Roller includes:

  • Deluxe Kit
  • Additional standard components
    • Car assembly hardware, hydraulic lines, fuel lines, etc.
    • Transaxle – refurbished VW type 1 (Rancho Performance Transaxles)
    • Brakes – VW disc brakes, 4 wheel, 4 bolt lug pattern, operational
    • Wheels – Super Beetle four bolt, painted silver
    • Tires – Pirelli P4 radial black wall
    • Convertible top with side curtains
  • Body work
    • Body paint, non-metallic two part system – color base and clear top coat, wet sanded and polished
  • Car assembly
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Trim

Not included:

  • Engine with flywheel and clutch
  • Battery
  • Lubricants/fluids

Options and Accessories

All custom requests are welcome.
Wide-Five disc brake assembly (complete car) — $310
Wide-Five wheels – silver, China MFG — N/C
Wide-Five wheels – silver, USA MFG — $744
Wilwood, disc brake/aluminum hub, assembly (5 lug modern) — $1,800
Roll bar – single hoop, silver paint — $580
4 Point racing seat belt set (one set per seat) — $138
Tonneau cover — $560
Leather upholstery upgrade — $1,200
Banjo steering wheel and hub assembly — $380
MOMO steering wheel – leather wrapped — $180
Bumper overriders — Call for pricing
Custom paint, mixes, metallic, pearls, stripes… — Call for Pricing
Wheel paint – color matched — $600
Subaru engine compatibility modifications — $1,700

Product Data Sheet

Please note that pricing has changed and is dependent up the options selected for your unique vehicle.
RW Speedster Product Data Sheet

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