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We Had Fun at the Big Bear Fun Run 2015

There was  great turnout this weekend in the Village at Big Bear.  So many cool cars around, and we were excited to preview our new RW Speedster Electric, which is launching soon.  Here are a few pics for you!

RW Speedster Electric - Cruising around the Lake
RW Speedster Electric – Cruising around the Lake
RW Speedster Electric - Big Crowds at the Fun Run
RW Speedster Electric – Big Crowds at the Fun Run
RW Speedster Electric - Chilling in the Shade
RW Speedster Electric – Chilling in the Shade
RW Speedster Electric - Glamour Shot by the Lake
RW Speedster Electric – Glamour Shot by the Lake

Rock West Racing’s One Year Anniversary!

020715_SpydersTRThis has been a wild and crazy year for us at Rock West Racing. As a new business getting off the ground, there have been a lot of challenges this year, but we are excited about all the work that has been accomplished including the following:

  • Completed tooling on RW Speedster, RW Spyder, and RW RSK,
  • Designed and started tooling on the RW Spyder RS, our own thoroughly modern car inspired by Porsche’s classic 550 Spyder,
  • Completed customer projects left unfinished by the previous custodians,
  • Completed multiple service jobs,
  • Began and worked multiple customer projects,
  • Produced multiple kit parts for inventory, including Speedsters, Spyders, GTSs and RSKs kits,
  • Expanded our facilities and added new equipment,
  • Hired and trained new staff, and
  • Began development of an electric version of our Speedster in collaboration with EV West.

020715_WorkInProcess_SpeedsterAnd we have so much more to look forward too! With excellent momentum going into 2015, we look forward to:

  • Completing the build of multiple kits in inventory for off-the-shelf sales,
  • Building our parts offering, and completing the online store, and
  • Finishing demo models for all our cars so you can test drive all 5 kits.

Thanks for keeping up with us. We want to help you build your dream car, so contact us today!

Call us at 610-444-1006!

Holiday Hours

We will be running a lean shop though the holidays and will be back full swing and ready to tackle the new year on Monday, January 5. But please feel free to call or email us, as someone will get back to you.

Interested in our Holiday Discount offer? Please call Chris as soon as possible:
Christopher Kingery
General Manager

Happy Holidays!  And we wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

Holiday Cars

2014 Coronado Speed Festival

Well, the car show may have been sold out by the time we were ready to sign up, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy all that the festival had to offer! What a beautiful day in Coronado… Lots of cars, racing, and other exhibitions for the whole family. In particular, there were some really cool Speedsters and Spyders out on the track. We hope to see you there next year!

Fun in the SoCal Sun!

We had fun up in the L.A. area at the 35th Annual AHA Fun Under the Sun show and the Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show. We got to meet some cool people and see some really great cars. Check out our slide show that highlights some of our weekend!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the classic cars of the Nethercutt Museum like we did, as well as the handcrafted automobiles.  They weren’t kidding when they said the Swap Meet started at 5AM in the dark!


April Car Show Weekend

Are you planning on being in the L.A. metro area this weekend? Perhaps you need a little road trip to round out your weekend fun factor.  If you want to get out and enjoy some classic car fun, come visit us at the two car shows going on this weekend in SoCal.

Saturday, April 12:
35th Annual AHA Fun Under the Sun
at the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, CA

Sunday, April 13:
Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show
at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA

At the Pomona Show, we will be  in the South End Vendor Area, which is near the spectator entrance, on Road 33 in Spaces 28, 30, 32, 34. Come find us!

We look forwarding to seeing you there!