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Speedster Body Repair Work

Yes, we can do this too! Here is an example of some recent body work with which we helped a customer.

The Damage

Our customer’s fiberglass bodied car was broken from a collision.  The front nose section of the body fractured and split from impact with a trailer hitch. The impact also fractured part of the jamb section of the trunk opening.  There were paint damage and blemishes at the rear of the car. Insurance covered the damage, but it was very difficult to find a repair facility to perform both fiberglass body repair and repainting.  The customer found Rock West Racing.

Body damage to Speedster
Body damage to Client’s Speedster

Repair Options

The quote for repair satisfied the insurance carrier, but the level of paint repair (spot paint blending) did not meet our customer’s desires.  A requote was submitted to include a complete exterior body repaint. The requote was higher than the budget allowed with insurance coverage, so a rethink was in order.  The revised plan was for the client to remove all trim and components necessary for repair, and then reassemble the car after repair and paint was completed.  This solution met the requirements.    Continue reading Speedster Body Repair Work

Getting Close to the Finish Line on our First Speedster Builder Kit

The chassis has been partially bonded and fastened to the body of our first RW Speedster Builder kit.  The negative draft pieces have been removed and we are in the process of installing floor boards, footwell panels and front bulkhead panels, as well as completing our chassis to body alignment jig.  After completing these tasks, the finished body and chassis will be removed from the mold tool.

356 Speedster - Chassis Body Buildout
RW Speedster – Chassis Body Buildout
356 Speedster - Backside of Floor Board Mold
RW Speedster – Backside of Floor Board Mold