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Roll Bars for Your Speedster

For a recent delivery, our custom asked to have roll bars added to their RW Speedster.  This was a little challenging because it was custom fabrication and installation to customer requirements on a fully painted and 95% completed vehicle. But we think it came out sweet. The specs?

  • Removable Custom twin hoop roll bar
  • 1 ½ “ Chromalloy tubing
  • Mig welded construction
  • 4 point location connection to frame
  • Custom grommets and stainless steel trim
  • Chrome finish

Take a closer look!

RollBars View
Silver RW Speedster Detail


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Launching Soon: the RW Speedster Electric

Here’s some early information on a new product we’re offering.

Everyone at Rock West Racing is a motorhead at heart, but when we met Michel Bream and his team at EV West, their passion and enthusiasm for electric vehicles got us excited!  They have engineered an exceptional package to convert a vehicle to electric power, and in our case, using a VW transmission coupled with available lithium ion batteries. That got us motivated to collaborate and build the RW Speedster Electric!

RW Speedster Electric - In Process
RW Speedster Electric – In Process

The objectives were simple:  use our standard Speedster component kit, modify it to accept the EV West kit, and provide customers an efficient package.  It had to have excellent performance, drive a range of up to 100 miles, be easy to build, and more importantly be a lot of fun to drive. Price is always an issue, so that was a design factor.

We believe we exceeded the objectives! And here is how it happened.   Continue reading Launching Soon: the RW Speedster Electric

Another Kit Out the Door…

Take a look at this gorgeous Speedster!  Destined for a father and daughter assembly team, this beauty is bound to turn heads once it’s cruising down the road.

Speedster Kit - Blue & Tan being prepped for shipment
Speedster Kit being prepped for shipment
Speedster Kit - detail of tan upholstered seats
Speedster Kit – detail of tan upholstered seats
Speedster Kit - detail shot of blue exterior
Speedster Kit – detail shot of blue exterior

Details on the RW Spyder – Our First Full Delivery

We’ve mentioned this beautiful blue RW Spyder in our news before. Here are the details we promised!


  • Exterior:   Neon Blue Metallic (LVB 19131 NF) in a two part system
  • Interior:  Dark Red
  • Wheels:  Polar Silver
Blue RW Spyder - Front Angle
Blue RW Spyder – Front Angle


  • Specifications:   New engine from SCAT VW.   2275cc long block with midrange cam, running high-volume oil pump with remote oil cooler and filter system. Carburetors are dual Weber 40IDFs.
  • Desired Performance:  Client requested maximized torque in low to mid rpm range for country driving.
  • Output:  At the wheels, 95 horsepower and 127 foot pounds of torque.
Blue RW Spyder - Engine View
Blue RW Spyder – Engine View


  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Adjustable position pedal assembly
  • Roll bar (removable)
  • 911 style fan shroud
  • De Dion rear suspension system
  • Conformal racing mirrors
Blue RW Spyder - Interior
Blue RW Spyder – Interior

Rock West GTS

904 left sideThe early Sixties were a truly remarkable time for road-course racing. After Carroll Shelby transformed his 289 Cobra from a street fighter into a track champion, Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov counter-punched with the Grand Sport version of the Sting Ray. And yet another world-class race car entered the fray: the Porsche 904.

Debuting in late ’63 for the upcoming season as a successor to the 718, it raced in both ’64 and ’65. Even though it didn’t gain quite the notoriety and longevity of either the Cobra or Grand Sport, it was a force to be reckoned with, doing far more with less, and winning on a number of race tracks in the FIA-GT class.

Instead of a big V-8, the 904 initially ran an overachieving, four-cam flat four producing a then-remarkable 196 horses. Thus equipped, a 904 won overall at the Targa Florio and went on to demonstrate remarkable durability throughout its racing career, almost always finishing, if not taking First place. Later models were fitted with a 911’s flat six, and a few factory race cars even had a flat eight.   Continue reading Rock West GTS