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RW Spyder: A Contemporary Street Racer

Spyder Front Right (sm)From the early Fifties to the mid Sixties, a diminutive Porsche race car was the nemesis of many bigger and more powerful competitors. Known as the 550 Spyder, it started in more than 370 races, and went onto capture 95 overall wins, along with an additional 75 class wins. All told, the Spyder’s venom was pure poison for many higher horsepower cars not even in its class.

No surprise, then, that it came to be known as the Giant Killer. Sadly, its ominous name proved to be apt for the star of the movie Giant, James Dean, who was hit by another car in September of 1955 while driving his Spyder to a race in Northern California. This tragic event actually raised awareness of the Porsche marque among American car enthusiasts, many of whom were unfamiliar with this over-achieving race car from Stuttgart.   Continue reading RW Spyder: A Contemporary Street Racer