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Launching Soon: the RW Speedster Electric

Here’s some early information on a new product we’re offering.

Everyone at Rock West Racing is a motorhead at heart, but when we met Michel Bream and his team at EV West, their passion and enthusiasm for electric vehicles got us excited!  They have engineered an exceptional package to convert a vehicle to electric power, and in our case, using a VW transmission coupled with available lithium ion batteries. That got us motivated to collaborate and build the RW Speedster Electric!

RW Speedster Electric - In Process
RW Speedster Electric – In Process

The objectives were simple:  use our standard Speedster component kit, modify it to accept the EV West kit, and provide customers an efficient package.  It had to have excellent performance, drive a range of up to 100 miles, be easy to build, and more importantly be a lot of fun to drive. Price is always an issue, so that was a design factor.

We believe we exceeded the objectives! And here is how it happened.   Continue reading Launching Soon: the RW Speedster Electric

RW Speedster: A Modern Tribute to a Classic Automotive Icon

Only a handful of cars can lay claim to having as much influence and as long a production history as the legendary Porsche 356 Speedster. Early versions of the 356 date back as far as 1948, and by the early 1950s it gained a strong following among performance enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic for its exhilarating handling and distinctive styling. A class win at LeMans in 1951 certainly contributed to its enduring popularity, as many owners relished the car on both the track and street.

RW Speedster

The philosophy behind the 356’s design was simple—a small, lightweight car with plenty of power that offered far more driving fun and performance than a large, heavy, overpowered vehicle. Production of the 356 lasted until 1965, even after the replacement Porsche 911 debuted in 1963.    Continue reading RW Speedster: A Modern Tribute to a Classic Automotive Icon

First RW Speedster Out of the Mold!

Fresh from the shop floor!

Getting Close to the Finish Line on our First Speedster Builder Kit

The chassis has been partially bonded and fastened to the body of our first RW Speedster Builder kit.  The negative draft pieces have been removed and we are in the process of installing floor boards, footwell panels and front bulkhead panels, as well as completing our chassis to body alignment jig.  After completing these tasks, the finished body and chassis will be removed from the mold tool.

356 Speedster - Chassis Body Buildout
RW Speedster – Chassis Body Buildout
356 Speedster - Backside of Floor Board Mold
RW Speedster – Backside of Floor Board Mold