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“The Cuban Calico” Project

We were happy to provide this RW Spyder body to our customer and exotic car enthusiast Garr Larson.  He’s working on an exciting new project, creating a replica of “The Cuban Calico,” and he filled us in on this fascinating piece of racing history.

This is a “car that was ‘thrown away’ at the Havana Airport in 1958 before entering the 1958 Cuban Grad Prix. It was crushed by a Maserati while being transported in a plane from Argentina by a french driver. The driver gave it to a young airplane mechanic for $5 after taking any parts he needed for his other cars. Since new parts were impossible to find in Cuba after 1958 (that whole revolution thing) he built this 550 using parts he scavenged around the city – seats from a 1936 BMW, Speedometer and Tach from International Harvester S100, rear view mirror from a 1954 MGA, (the list goes on and on)…

Garr has collected all these parts to remake a part of lost classic car history. He may be on his way to making more such vehicles down the road, and we’ll keep you up to date on these fun adventures. We look forward to being a part of that journey and your journey too!

The Cuban Calico in work

Holiday Savings! Start Shopping for Your Car Today!

Holiday Special 2015We are excited to offer another nice deal this year.  You can start your component car project with only $1,000 down. Get your car ordered before the holidays and receive a little something for under the tree also! Details to come on this fun surprise in early December.

With that down payment, you get $1000 off your car kit, no matter what level you choose.  All you have to do is confirm your order and get your deposit in our hands by Monday, January 4, 2016.  (We extend the offer into the new year because we close-up shop during the holidays.)

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Endless Summer Classic Car Show

We’ll be at Imperial Beach in San Diego this Saturday showing at the Endless Summer 2015 Classic Car Show.  This worthwhile event is raising funds to support cancer screening, early detection, and education, all while giving you a chance to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Enjoy a stroll along Seacoast Drive and wander among some really cool classic cars.  We look forward to seeing you there!

100115_Endless Summer Show

Update on Work in Progress

We’re juggling a lot of cool projects around here.

Here are some pictures of work in the shop. We’ll provide more details as the jobs are wrapped up.

RW Electric Speedster  (in process)
RW Electric Speedster (in process)
RW Speedster - Yellow (freshly painted)
RW Speedster – Yellow (freshly painted)
RW Spyder RS - Front Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS – Front Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS - Back of Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS – Back of Body (in process)
RW GTS Tooling (in process)
RW GTS Kit Fender Well Detailing

Details on the RW Spyder – Our First Full Delivery

We’ve mentioned this beautiful blue RW Spyder in our news before. Here are the details we promised!


  • Exterior:   Neon Blue Metallic (LVB 19131 NF) in a two part system
  • Interior:  Dark Red
  • Wheels:  Polar Silver
Blue RW Spyder - Front Angle
Blue RW Spyder – Front Angle


  • Specifications:   New engine from SCAT VW.   2275cc long block with midrange cam, running high-volume oil pump with remote oil cooler and filter system. Carburetors are dual Weber 40IDFs.
  • Desired Performance:  Client requested maximized torque in low to mid rpm range for country driving.
  • Output:  At the wheels, 95 horsepower and 127 foot pounds of torque.
Blue RW Spyder - Engine View
Blue RW Spyder – Engine View


  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Adjustable position pedal assembly
  • Roll bar (removable)
  • 911 style fan shroud
  • De Dion rear suspension system
  • Conformal racing mirrors
Blue RW Spyder - Interior
Blue RW Spyder – Interior

Blue Spyder Out the Door!

We are really excited to have shipped our first full car just a few days ago. I was a beautiful electric blue RW Spyder.  We’re working on a story to show you how the job went over time; we’ll post it soon with glamour shots included.  But in the interim, here are some pics of the car in the middle of a few final tweaks!

Blue RW Spyder - Front with Open Hood
Blue RW Spyder – Front with Open Hood
Blue RW Spyder - Detail Front
Blue RW Spyder – Detail Front
Blue RW Spyder - Detail Front Angle
Blue RW Spyder – Detail Front Angle