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Holiday Savings! Start Shopping for Your Car Today!

Holiday Special 2015We are excited to offer another nice deal this year.  You can start your component car project with only $1,000 down. Get your car ordered before the holidays and receive a little something for under the tree also! Details to come on this fun surprise in early December.

With that down payment, you get $1000 off your car kit, no matter what level you choose.  All you have to do is confirm your order and get your deposit in our hands by Monday, January 4, 2016.  (We extend the offer into the new year because we close-up shop during the holidays.)

Call today to place your order.  Get that dream car started now!

We may have moved buildings, but our phone number is still the same…



Update on Work in Progress

We’re juggling a lot of cool projects around here.

Here are some pictures of work in the shop. We’ll provide more details as the jobs are wrapped up.

RW Electric Speedster  (in process)
RW Electric Speedster (in process)
RW Speedster - Yellow (freshly painted)
RW Speedster – Yellow (freshly painted)
RW Spyder RS - Front Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS – Front Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS - Back of Body (in process)
RW Spyder RS – Back of Body (in process)
RW GTS Tooling (in process)
RW GTS Kit Fender Well Detailing

Rock West Racing’s One Year Anniversary!

020715_SpydersTRThis has been a wild and crazy year for us at Rock West Racing. As a new business getting off the ground, there have been a lot of challenges this year, but we are excited about all the work that has been accomplished including the following:

  • Completed tooling on RW Speedster, RW Spyder, and RW RSK,
  • Designed and started tooling on the RW Spyder RS, our own thoroughly modern car inspired by Porsche’s classic 550 Spyder,
  • Completed customer projects left unfinished by the previous custodians,
  • Completed multiple service jobs,
  • Began and worked multiple customer projects,
  • Produced multiple kit parts for inventory, including Speedsters, Spyders, GTSs and RSKs kits,
  • Expanded our facilities and added new equipment,
  • Hired and trained new staff, and
  • Began development of an electric version of our Speedster in collaboration with EV West.

020715_WorkInProcess_SpeedsterAnd we have so much more to look forward too! With excellent momentum going into 2015, we look forward to:

  • Completing the build of multiple kits in inventory for off-the-shelf sales,
  • Building our parts offering, and completing the online store, and
  • Finishing demo models for all our cars so you can test drive all 5 kits.

Thanks for keeping up with us. We want to help you build your dream car, so contact us today!

Call us at 610-444-1006!

Just in Case You Didn’t Notice…

We’ve got new web pages and data sheets up on two new products that have been in production, the RW Spyder RS and the RW GTS. You may have seen an introduction to the RW Spyder RS when Car Builder magazine covered it in an article last month, but now we’ve got a more information available for you. Check it out!

Here are some extra pictures of the RW Spyder RS for you.

RW Spyder RS - Multiple Colors Side Shot RW Spyder RS - Multiple Colors Front Shot