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RW Spyder: A Contemporary Street Racer

Spyder Front Right (sm)From the early Fifties to the mid Sixties, a diminutive Porsche race car was the nemesis of many bigger and more powerful competitors. Known as the 550 Spyder, it started in more than 370 races, and went onto capture 95 overall wins, along with an additional 75 class wins. All told, the Spyder’s venom was pure poison for many higher horsepower cars not even in its class.

No surprise, then, that it came to be known as the Giant Killer. Sadly, its ominous name proved to be apt for the star of the movie Giant, James Dean, who was hit by another car in September of 1955 while driving his Spyder to a race in Northern California. This tragic event actually raised awareness of the Porsche marque among American car enthusiasts, many of whom were unfamiliar with this over-achieving race car from Stuttgart.   Continue reading RW Spyder: A Contemporary Street Racer

For the Novice: Thinking about Building a Kit Car? Read This First!

If you are new to car building or investigating building a kit car for the first time, this article might be helpful to you. One of our technicians put this information together in hopes it would facilitate a better experience for the beginners out there. Most experienced car builders will already know these things, although it never hurts to review the basics!

010915_Campbell-SpeedsterAn automobile is one of your most prized possessions, and building it yourself can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride every time you drive it and show it off. One of the best and most cost effective ways to build a car is to build a kit car. Kit cars often resemble unattainable, legendary cars that most of us could never afford, but these kits usually use parts from vehicles that are easy to find. Building a kit car is a great way to own the car of your dreams without spending your life savings.

Many kit car builders have success with their project by doing as much research as possible before and during their build. There are three important areas to research. You’ll need to know a lot of information about the kit and the vehicle its parts are based on, what parts to get and where to get them, and what demands that building the car will have on you, the builder.   Continue reading For the Novice: Thinking about Building a Kit Car? Read This First!

Just in Case You Didn’t Notice…

We’ve got new web pages and data sheets up on two new products that have been in production, the RW Spyder RS and the RW GTS. You may have seen an introduction to the RW Spyder RS when Car Builder magazine covered it in an article last month, but now we’ve got a more information available for you. Check it out!

Here are some extra pictures of the RW Spyder RS for you.

RW Spyder RS - Multiple Colors Side Shot RW Spyder RS - Multiple Colors Front Shot

First RW Speedster Out of the Mold!

Fresh from the shop floor!

Our New 911 Style Fan Shroud Kit Is Here!

Rock West Racing Announces the Launch of Its New 911 Style Fan Shroud Kit

Rock West Racing is developing multiple products for the kit car market and is now offering this 911 style fan shroud kit for Type 1 VW engines. In addition to kits for Spyders, Speedsters and RSKs, the company is developing a range of complementary parts and components to expand its customers’ project options.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2014 – Rock West Racing is announcing its first available product, a 911 style fan shroud kit. Designed to upgrade the look and function of a Type 1 VW engine with dual carburetors, the 911 style fan shroud is appropriate for 356 Speedster and 550 Spyder replicas along with VW hot rods. The kit comes with all the necessary parts to complete the project, as well as an instruction manual. Rock West Racing is an emerging business in the replica car industry and is headquartered in San Diego with manufacturing facilities in both El Cajon, California and West Jordan, Utah.    Continue reading Our New 911 Style Fan Shroud Kit Is Here!